Courses at MPGM Academy – Affiliated to India’s premier music universities

Music has different meanings for different individuals. Some of us consider it as meditationand a source of contentment and self-discovery, while some want to take on music as their profession. At MPGM Music Academy, we believe, no two students can learn music the same way. Which is why, we teachmusic as per individual objectives, growth charts, and milestones.

The Academy offers exhaustive courses (classroom and online) both in vocal and instrumental music. The syllabus of these courses is affiliated to India’s best-known universities of classical music.

गायन/ Vocal Music:

Prayag Sangeet Samiti, Allahabad

8-year program that includes Junior diploma after 2nd year, Senior Diploma after 4th year, Sangeet Prabhakar after 6th year, and Sangeet Praveen after 8th year.

Bangiya Sangeet Parishad, Kolkata

8-year program that includes Sangeet Majari after 1st year, Junior diploma after 2nd year, Sangeet Shree after 3rd year, Senior Diploma after 4th year, Sangeet Bivakar after 5th year, Sangeet Ratna after 7th year, and Sangeet Probar after 8th year

वादन / Instrumental Music:


Harmonium/ keyboard


Build, Strengthen, Fly with MPGM Academy

Build, Strengthen, Fly with MPGM Academy

The aim is to nurture every child, give him/her a strong initiation into the rich world of Hindustani classical music. MPGM Academy hand-holdschildren to build a strong base of singing, concepts and style of gayakee.

Strengthen your musical grasp

At MPGM Academy, we understand that teenagers look at music as a strong form of expression. We help them give direction to their expressions and guide them towards their musical dreams.

Give wings to your musical dreams

The academy has tailor-made curriculum for adults who are at different levels of music training and music goals. The aim is to help every adultin their musical journey begin with our MPGM Music acamdemy.

MPGM Academy nurtures and creates strong, confident artists

MPGM Academy does not believe in teaching music alone.It strives to create well-rounded musicians withdeepclassical base on one hand, and on the other, build strong confidence to perform in public.

The Academy hosts and participates in multiple events and festivals throughout the year, thereby giving its students wonderful platforms for public performances, stage preparedness and confidence building.

Gurus of MPGM Academy

Geetesh Mishra, Principal and LeadVocals teacher

Pandit Geetesh Mishra is an Indian classical music maestro specializing in Khayal, Tarana, Thumri, Tappa, Dadra and Bhajan. He has been an A-grade vocalist of All India Radio and Doordarshan for 10 years.

Gautam Mishra, leadTabla teacher

Shri Gautam Mishra specialises in the tabla, drums, djembe and congo. Hailing from a family of Hindustani classical aficionados, his initial years of tabla learning was from his grandfather, Late Pandit Mahesh Prasad Mishra, an acclaimed sarangi player.

Suparna Chakraborty, Vocalsteacher

Shrimati Suparna Chakraborty has been a Hindustani classical music exponent for over three decades. She specialises in every genre of Indian classical including gazal,thumri, bhajan.