Courses at MPGM Academy

At MPGM Music Academy, we believe, no two students can learn music the same way. Here, music is taught as per the student’s aim and growth chart. Further, we believe, knowledge of musical instruments such as harmonium, tabla are a crucial aspect ofthe overall understanding of music.

The Academy offers exhaustive courses (classroom and online) both in vocals and instruments. The syllabus of these courses is affiliated to India’s best-known universities of classical music.


गायन/ Vocals:

  1. Prayag Sangeet Samiti, Allahabad -- 8-year program that includes Junior diploma after 2nd year, Senior Diploma after 4th year, Sangeet Prabhakar after 6th year, and Sangeet Praveen after 8th year
  2. II. Bangiya Sangeet Parishad, Kolkata -- 8-year program that includes Sangeet Majari after 1st year, Junior diploma after 2nd year, Sangeet Shree after 3rd year, Senior Diploma after 4th year, Sangeet Bivakar after 5th year, Sangeet Ratna after 7th year, and Sangeet Probar after 8th year

वादन / Instruments:

  1. Tabla
  2. Harmonium/ keyboard
  3. Guitar