Music Charcha

Music Charcha

Musik Rites is an e-journal and e-magazine published online every quarter by MPGM Music Academy. Along with the important lessons from our guru, the magazine features various articles by music scholars and learned music enthusiasts. The aim is to make this a platform to discuss all facets of music, thereby increasing knowledge and exploring new frontiers.

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Musik Rites :

Oct - Nov’19
Jan - March, 2020

Musik Rites : January’20 - March’20
Chief Editor: Pt. Geetesh Mishra
Editor: Shalini Dwivedi

This issue of Musik Rites is focused on Basant-Panchami celebration. a festival that marks the beginning spring. In India, Spring is richly celebrated across regions. Basant Panchami also marks the start of Holi preparation, which occurs forty days later.

In this edition, you will also find articles on:
  • A brief history of music by Shri Madan Binjola
  • Influence of Mughals on Music by Sona Sinha